Chairborne Art - "Victory"

Victory! Believe it!


Our current exhibition: ARTexpo NEW YORK, April 19-22, 2018




I am Victory. I rise from the bondage of the crates which contained the parts of chairs used in this art installation. Rescued from oblivion. Never to become an actual chair. These parts together celebrate the ingenuity of "Victory". So let our hearts and minds identify that we are one people. One face, one race - the human race - VICTORY!!!



I am The Sentinel. The first of the chairmen to arrive on the scene to declare that "Victory" is upon us! I stand as a beacon to the masses. Approach and stand with me. My truths, speak of peace, love and happiness. Listen closely because my thunderous words are spoken only in a whisper.



I am The Guardian. The perfect balance between compassion and protection, I am a tender, nurturing Soul. Place yourself in front of me, near my feet and reach your hands up. Now you are two years old, looking up at your parent for love, guidance and protection. Experience the protection I provide and step behind me because I’m poised and ready for battle. My hand is balled into a fist, on guard. I am here for “Victory”.



I am Brotherly Love. My heart is filled with compassion. With my ancient wisdom I heal. I will mend together these fragmented pieces of “Humanity".



As the Soul Man, I am eternity. Hands comfortably folded behind my back, I am patient not menacing. I will teach you that we should celebrate the life we do have. And from that life we must also respect that the Great Silence will follow. This is reflected in the my translucence. You never know when I will appear.



I am The Creator. I kneel down with Humility and love to liberate Humanity from the brokenness. My hands were masterfully crafted by the artist and show the healing power of touch. Peace soars through me in the shape of a Blue Dove which rests in my abdomen. The development of life is imminent.


Victory would not happen without our team.


Curators Statement

Victory is the tangible presentation of Steve Farland’s vision to evoke the latent power within the chair, an everyday object he has worked with over his entire career. With the effort of Master Builder/Artist Brian Sartor, Canadian born artist, Steve’s vision was brought to life as limb by limb these giant soldiers emerged from heaps of broken and abandoned chairs. Steve’s intimate connection to the chair allows him to understand its presence as deeply rooted in a historical journey from tree, to seat, to junk, and then to an artistic space beyond. Playing on the themes of fragmentation and rebirth, Victory creates bold enigmatic characters out of dull, used chair pieces, demonstrating how fragmentation, ruin, age, and pain can be reshaped and presented as brave, evocative figures. In its refusal to let chairs be an idle seat of comfort, Victory activates these used chairs to redefine their function. These chairs no longer offer a place of repose but rather they reach out, reminding us to find solace in action and the ability to stand up and lift ourselves from the rubble. The sculptures beseech us to offer up our seat in the efforts to build something, which may provide great comfort and support to humanity, compassion and empathy. -Chanel Host Curator April 2018

They inspire the human spirit to go forward through all diversity.


A Colorado Magazine
After you get over that initial shock... then you move into the genius of it... fashioned into these gigantic totems that make the world stand up and be counted, they make us look. This is a metaphor that says there is a solution to the world problems we have... these broken pieces can be fixed and repaired and formulated into a whole recognizable body. That's what's so powerful about this exhibit.

Ed Dwight

World Renowned Sculptor / Astronaut
You walk into the room and you're just BLOWN AWAY.

Jeffrey Keith

Curator / Educator


How to reach us.

  • +1 303 733 2100
  • 4201 South Navajo Street


Special Thanks to:

Stephen Boulter, David Budd, Nicholas DeSciouse, Michael Dunahay, Jules Elders, Stan Geels (Stella’s Coffee House), Kirk Gillon, Nick Gulatta, Lisza Gulyas, Dana Foulks, Lauren Hegge DAM, Edgar ?, John King, Brenda LaBier, Byron Shafer, Randy Shafer, Helen Squire.