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Welcome to "Victory". Made entirely of chairs and chair parts. The soldiers of "Victory" stand 16-20 feet tall. Originally constructed from Steve's vision of bringing awareness to end elderly abuse. The soldiers of "Victory" stood for 'Stover's Army'. Recognizing that there are people near and dear to us, who need a helping hand. Soon, we realized that it was more than the elderly that needed help. There are children, animals, the environment, the world as a whole needs "Victory". We are all broken at one time or another and we need that helping hand to put the pieces back together. And that's what the soldiers of "Victory" are doing. Helping one another. To reassemble, to resurrect, to celebrate life. Victory!!! The parts used in this exhibit come from all over the world. Italy, China, Poland, Slovenia, Czechoslovakia, to name a few. Many of these parts were trees 80 years ago through Europe and the Eastern block countries. Their leaves breathing the smoke of world wars. Those trees were forested and manufactured into chair parts during the mid-1900's. Only to sit in storage for the next 40 years, never to see their intended purpose come to fruition. Until now. "Victory". You can hear it whispering through their leaves. "Victory". You can feel it in your heart. "Victory". We need to rise up as a unified civilization of people. And believe. "Victory". Una faccia, una razza. One face, one race...........Victory!!!!!

dsc01930Stephen Farland

I’m 59 years into an epic journey of love, peace, and art. The train I’ve climbed aboard is perfect for a raconteur like me. I'm one of six children so I love people and lots of action, plus my Italian and Spanish roots have blessed me with a HUGE group of supporters, around 187 cousins last count – yeah, right! Every bend, every bump, every thunderstorm -- all have meanings and lessons, and the people with whom I’m so blessed to ride just blow me away. 29 years ago a girl smiled at me and reached out her gentle hand into my broken world and I stepped onto her train at the perfect moment as my old life fell into the abyss and a new and exciting journey began. 30 days after we met she took me to Italy. The Christmas lights and New Year in Florence awoke my senses and the renaissance in my soul was reborn. My son and daughter were soon on that train and my heart continued to grow. "Love is not a pie, it is a recipe and there is more than enough for everyone. You just need to keep dishing it out!" Over the next two and a half decades we built a business that allowed us to make people happy one seat at a time, The Chairman. So for 28 years my passion for chairs has continued to grow in the vision of giant figures made of chairs that I saw the first time I walked into a dimly lit warehouse with David Shafer of Shafer Commercial seating. I saw the Soldiers -- and it has stayed with me for all these years. Two years ago Byron Shafer took me back to that warehouse and showed me another huge room full of chairs and parts that over the last 28 years had collected and he asked if I had any ideas what could be done with over a thousand chairs? It required not a second to say YES,YES, YES -- I want them! Like a gift from God I was transported back to 1989 and once again my heart soared and I was young and I was ready to take on this project that is now coming to fruition. The vision I received for the soldiers was one of peace and protection. The design was to be so large it would give the person standing in front of them the scale of being a small child looking up to a parent. When I met Brian Sartor there was an instant connection and his understanding that this was to be an epic sculpture was crystal clear and he was so excited, like I am, to build this. I knew I had met a true brother and he jumped on board my train and now, together, we’re on this incredible journey to bring the new vision of ‘Victory’ to the good people of this beautiful world and to take back the joy that evil doers would like to steal. VICTORY, Believe It!

Brian Sartor

My story of Victory begins with a prayer sent out to the universe... "I am ready to be used as the tool, that I was intended to be." An Artist. I have always been a creative person. I graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelors in Fine Art. Afterward, when I returned to my homeland of Canada with a mastery of oil painting, I was co-founder of the Studio of Modern Graffiti. A residence and gallery for several talented artists. Tossed about by circumstance I ventured to Colorado, where I met my wife, Elizabeth. Like most people with an artistic side, I held down a "real job" to maintain a home and family. After ten years at a job that took its physical toll on my body, with an employer who let all employees know that they were replaceable. I recognized that it was time for the universe to hear my prayer. Searching for possible new employment on Craigslist, I came across a curious ad. "Looking for an Artist who can build sculptures from chair parts." With all the stars and planets aligned, my first contact with Steve Farland felt as if I were speaking with an older brother or uncle that I had known my entire life. His 26 year vision of building an army of soldiers out of chairs resonated deep into my soul. With no blue print for construction and being given 100% artistic licence, this was to be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. And to take on a full time "job" as an artist, was a prayer and a dream come true. Never has the world seen chair art, taken to this magnitude. These 'Paladins of Pieces' stand in such grandeur, that I have witnessed people dissolve into tears. Overwhelmed by the shear energy that these peaceful figures emit. The soldiers of "Victory" are here to help the people of this world, rise up in unison. Una faccia, Una razza - One face, one race.

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